We launched our AI-automated scope 3 calculation

Giuseppe Gentile


June 18, 2024

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We are delighted to announce a very exciting product update! 

Over the past few months, our focus has been on developing functionality to significantly simplify the process of calculating corporate carbon footprints for companies. Leveraging recent advancements in AI technology alongside our expertise, we have successfully automated many tasks that were previously done manually, such as data cleansing and mapping. This has enabled us to introduce two new features that we are particularly proud of and anticipate will greatly benefit our customers:

AI-automated scope 3 calculation

The Challenge & Its Importance

Scope 3 emissions play a crucial role in carbon accounting, often constituting up to 90% of a company’s total emissions. However, calculating Scope 3 emissions has historically been a complex and time-consuming task for many companies, requiring extensive data collection, cleansing, and enrichment. This process demands specialized knowledge and typically consumes hundreds or thousands of hours, incurring significant costs.

Our Solution

Companies can now easily upload their ERP and accounting data via Excel or CSV to calculate their upstream Scope 3 emissions. Our AI technology extracts and interprets this data, automatically aligning it with our calculation logic and emission factors. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, specifically Large Language Models, in conjunction with our expertise, our mapping algorithms achieve a level of accuracy that sets us apart from other providers. Initially, emissions are calculated based on spending, with plans to offer material-based emission calculations in the future. The methodology has been certified according the GHP protocol by TÜV, a leading European auditing body.

For more information, please refer to the video below:

AI-assisted Scope 1,2 bulk upload

The Challenge & Its importance

Providing Scope 1 and 2 emission data is essential for every company. However, calculating emissions for multiple locations (e.g., offices, manufacturing plants) or with numerous individual data points (e.g., fuel consumption) can be extremely time-intensive. Traditional software solutions often require companies to input data manually for each location or data point, resulting in significant time investment. Additionally, valuable data from semi-structured sources such as Excel or CSV files from energy management systems, utility data providers, or internal reporting is often underutilized. 

Our Solution

Our bulk upload capabilities enable companies to calculate emissions on a large scale using semi-structured consumption data, such as that from energy management systems, utility providers or collected by the user. With the simple upload of a file, companies can calculate emissions for hundreds of locations. Our AI-assisted data cleansing functionalities further streamline the process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 

Other Notable Features

In addition to these key updates, we have introduced several other features, including an AI-powered sustainability chatbot based on Large Language Models. This chatbot assists users in navigating the complexities of carbon management and provides relevant information on carbon methodology, software functionality, and sustainability regulations. To explore all the new features, sign up and experience them for yourself!

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