About us

We are an experienced team of forward-thinking developers, senior domain experts and seasoned executives with a bold mission to drive the global economy towards sustainability. We build highly automated and AI-driven carbon management solutions that enable businesses to be compliant, reduce emissions, and create value - to get the job done.

Our vision

At forward earth, we envision a world where sustainability and decarbonisation aren't just concepts, but are fundamental elements at the center of all business practices. Our mission is to accelerate this transformation through innovative solutions.

Our embedded software empowers our partners to offer carbon management solutions to their customers, allowing them to be compliant, reduce their carbon emissions and be successful in a sustainable economy. Through our focus on measuring and reducing emissions in products and their supply chain, we drive decarbonization worldwide and mitigate the impact of climate change on a global scale.

Through leveraging cutting edge AI technologies, we make carbon management as easy, automated and accessible as possible while making sure that our users can reduce their carbon emissions at scale through optimization of their processes.

Our culture

In our company, we focus on the big picture and decarbonization at scale. Hence, we are looking for team members that have a mindset for solving complex problems elegantly and effectively. We strive to empower our team to take ownership and leverage the vast knowledge and expertise of the team to get support where needed. To foster innovation, we embrace diversity and inclusion, to get different perspectives, and solve problems more effectively. We build a work culture that is based on respect, kindness, acceptance and compassion. At the same time, we always strive for excellence and encourage our team to have ambitious goals.

Join us on our journey to decarbonize the global economy!

Meet the forward earth team

Micha Schildmann
CEO & Founder
Giuseppe Gentile
CPO & Co-Founder
Cari Davidson
CTO & Co-Founder
Sofia Gruzdeva
Product Manager
Mark Etzel
Head of Carbon Methodology
Lorenzo Ceccon
Senior Engineer
Hannes Hesse
Engineering Tech Lead
William O'Leary
Senior Engineer
Heorhii Vdovychenko
Data Scientist
Maria Yalpani
Sarah Wilsoncook
Naemi Schink
Working Student

External team

Dmytro Shulha
Elena Molostova
Stanislav Pitsyk
Viktor Tsolka
Volodymyr K
Alina Stetsurina
QA Engineer

Be part of our mission

We’re looking fort passionate people to join us on our mission for sustainability.

Founder's Associate Intern

As a Founders Associate Intern, you will work closely with the company's founders and executive team to support various aspects of the organization's operations and strategic initiatives. Your responsibilities may include conducting market research, competitor analysis, and gathering industry insights to inform decision-making, assisting in the preparation of presentations and business proposals, and participating in meetings and brainstorming sessions. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to collaborate on special projects, contribute to the development of new business strategies, and gain valuable exposure to the startup environment while learning from experienced entrepreneurs.

Full time
In office
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