Corporate Carbon

The Corporate Carbon Footprint is becoming an essential KPI for companies due to regulatory requirements and increasing commercial pressure. We empower businesses to calculate, benchmark and reduce carbon emissions while automating the process to save time and cost.

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Getting the job done

Calculate your carbon emissions in a cost-efficient and compliant way. We guide you through the complexity of carbon management with simple workflows, AI-driven automation and smart decarbonization journeys.


Adaptive compliance

Dynamic calculation engine that provides a compliant result even with low data availability

AI-driven automation

Automated emission calculation based on ERP and other data through leveraging newest AI-technology


Coming soon: Data-driven target setting and reduction measures to move forward into a sustainable future

Our value

Carbon management finally made simple. We enable businesses to be compliant, to start their decarbonization and to get the job done.


Be compliant with little effort through our highly automated, certified calculation logic.


Get an understanding of your emission hotspots even in complex areas like your supply chain.


With our solution you can start simple and extend with additional modules to continue your sustainability journey.

forward program

Join our exclusive early access program for companies that want to pioneer a new way of carbon management and benefit from preferred conditions.

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