Carbon Border Adjustment

Leverage our AI-supported CBAM solution to enable your suppliers to provide all CBAM relevant data. Streamlined data collection and AI-automation to get all required data in minutes. No excel sheets. No time wasted.

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Highly automated

CBAM-reporting is one of the most urgent challenges in carbon reporting for many companies. Companies struggle to get the required data from their suppliers. Our solutions help to streamline the data collection and


CN-code mapping

Automated identification of the CBAM relevant products

Streamlined data collection

Streamlined data collection based on product category-requirements

AI-supported data extraction

Automatically capture energy data from invoices, energy management systems or excel

Our value

We save you and your suppliers time and money in the CBAM reporting process.

Ease of use

No cumbersome and confusing excel files.


Be compliant with one of the most challenging sustainability regulations


After initial set-up of the model every follow-up calculations can be performed with minimum effort

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Join our exclusive early access program for companies that want to pioneer a new way of carbon management and benefit from preferred conditions.

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