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Embedded carbon management for ESG, Accounting, and Supply Chain software providers and consultancies.

White-label carbon management in your software

Generate more value for your customers with our fully-serviced carbon analytics solutions, providing simple yet compliant carbon management driven by newest AI technology.


We deliver state-of-the-art carbon analytics that is easily integrated, embeds seamlessly and is highly customisable.


We translate the complexity of carbon management into a streamlined experience to maximize value for your customers.


Our calculation methodology is built by experts and adheres to all relevant regulations and standards, incl. SFRD, CSRD, and GHG protocol


With our solution you can generate more value for your customers and thus more revenue.

Our products

With our fully-serviced white-label solution our partners can offer best-in-class carbon management with little cost and effort. Our solution allows our partners to provide their customers with the carbon analytics while keeping focus on their core value proposition.

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Accelerating decarbonization

With our decarbonisation solutions our partners empower their customers to reduce carbon emissions at scale.

Setting targets, identifying reduction potentials, scenario analysis, supply-chain analytics & optimization - our solutions enable users to be prepared for a sustainable future.

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